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volution of stars and galaxies, peering into the dawn of the universe.Chang'e▓-4 carries low-frequency radio astronomical instruments developed b

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y Chinese and Dutch scientists. "Conducting such observation on the moon's far side is a long cherished

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18 OCT 2020

goal of astronomers, and could fill gaps in astronomic▓al observation,"said Zou.The probe also took six li▓ve species - cotton, rapeseed, potato,

14 OCT 2020

arabidopsis, fruit fly and yeast - ▓to the lifeless environment to form a mini bi▓osphere, which is ex

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Project 1

pected to produce the first flower on the moon.Chinese space engineers also plan to get data by constantly measuring temper▓atures on the surface of the moon."Explori?/p>

Project 1

坣g the far side of the moon is one contribution China is making to the world. Although we still don't know what we might find, this exploration might influence sever

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